Production steps


Fresh pork intake, sorting and trimming

The haunches intended to be processed in the Magnani Arnaldo e Figlio ham factory come from selected pig farms. Haunches are inspected one by one when unloaded according to specific control criteria. The selected haunches are trimmed, stamped with the lot number and CE mark.


Salting (1st and 2nd salting)

Haunches undergo a first salting. They are placed on a line where operators salt the lean part of haunches by hand. When the haunches are taken out of the 1st salting cold room, the residual salt is removed and haunches are salted again by hand.


Removal of salt and pre-resting in cold room

At the end of the salting phase, the salt that has not been absorbed is removed and haunches are stored in pre-resting cold rooms.



Trimming has the purpose of removing any hard muscle parts, especially around the femur bone, and giving hams the desired appearance. Hams are trimmed and progressively and quickly moved into a resting cold room.


Washing and drying

After remaining in the resting cold room, hams are washed with warm water to soften the muscle surface and remove possible crystals of salt or impurities. After washing, hams undergo a drying process then rest in cold rooms where they are kept until they are 90/100 days.



At the end of this drying period, hams are stored in pre-maturation rooms at controlled temperatures and relative humidity until they are 7 months old.



This operation is carried out by hand spreading smear on the ham muscle not covered by the rind with the aim of softening the surface and carrying on maturation.



The final stage of the production process takes place in rooms at controlled temperatures and relative humidity. This stage takes place both in the maturation room of the headquarters that is still made of wood, and in other 4 maturation rooms near the plant. Hams are kept in maturation rooms for the time required by the legislation for the protection of Parma Ham, i.e. for a minimum of 12 months.



After the spiking phase that has the purpose of proving the absence of defects, the hams that pass the quality check performed by the body in charge are fire-branded with the famous 5-point crown.