Generation after generation...

expertise that turns into art

Prosciuttificio Magnani Arnaldo & figlio

In a harmonious symphony of tradition and innovation, since 1957 the Magnani family has been processing and maturing high quality hams from fresh raw materials supplied by selected pig farms . The strengths of the company are the expertise that has been handed down for generations, a strong tie to a land that is naturally ideal for the production of Parma Ham, the craftsmanship of production processes combined with state-of-the-art technology to ensure controls and full product traceability.

Passion, expertise...

and a pinch of salt.

A pinch of salt makes the difference and they know it very well at Prosciuttificio Magnani Arnaldo e Figlio where salting is the key step in the production process and this is why it is still performed by hand with love and attention.

Dry-cured ham,

a masterpiece still made by hand.

The artisan know-how handed down for centuries is highly valued: it is featured in every gesture of the people who use their skills in the key production steps, thus ensuring quality in every detail and using tradition as a guide to head for the future.

Where passion and pride

produce quality.

The company is at the foothills of the Apennines in Langhirano that perfect maturation is achieved thanks to the combination tradition, carried out by the craft of people who look after hams for months, and technological innovation, the result is a delicious slice product of our land.

A unique land

that enshrines flavours from the past.


There are things that have never changed in our history: values, family, respect and love for our work. Tradition is our guide, the future is our goal.


Since 1957 our company in Langhirano on the hills of Parma has been processing and maturing high quality products starting from fresh raw materials supplied by selected pig farms.


Continuous improvement is an integral part of our company to ensure safety and transparency to the market.